Wedding Officiants can really make or break the feeling of your wedding ceremony. We spent a lot of time search for the right person, the one who would make us laugh, tear up and remember our I do’s for the rest of our lives. Sharon Sloan was our perfect match. She spent a lot of time finding out who my husband and I truly were. She was unbelievable warm welcoming and fit right in with our whole wedding crew and family. On our wedding day she made sure everything went smooth and was beyond professional and sincere. On our wedding day Sharon willing took a boat to an island to marry two strangers she never met and it was like we had been friends forever. She made us feel so comfortable and excited for our new journey and we could have not asked for a better fit. When it came time to small details of our wedding Sharon took it upon herself to ask if we needed anything else for our wedding and at the time we were in desperate need for a bar tender as many did not like the thought of being on a island. Sharon and her husband willing said they would love to do it and what can I say they ROCKED IT! Stop looking for the perfect Wedding officiant because in all honestly she is right here.

Thank you Sharon Sloan for everything that you did to ensure our biggest day ever, went so perfectly smooth.