My Story

My Personal Side

  • Got married in August to my best friend Adam
  • Born and raised in Markham, Ontario
  • I have a younger brother Kevin who I work with
  • All my extended family lives in England
  • Just moved to Claremont and love the sense of community its offered us
  • Played rugby for 10 years, and did a season for Rugby Ontario when I was 19
  • A competitive swimmer during high school
  • Play co-ed baseball now with my husband
  • Backpacked throughout India, China, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Cambodia and Laos solo
  • Enjoy meeting people from all different types of backgrounds
  • Live in New Zealand for a year in 2009 in a town of only 300 people
  • Photography is a huge passion of mine
  • Love adventure activities including skydiving and white water rafting
  • Love trying new foods and experiences
  • Camping is a favorite pastime of mine
  • I can sail, wake board, canoe
  • Extremely helpful in stressful or emergency situations
  • Love to help out friends when needed, even if its a shoulder to cry on, or someone to have a glass of wine with
  • Love to laugh and tell stories

My Professional Side

  • Graduated from Brock University in 2008
  • 5 years of working for a land surveying company
  • 7 years working part time as a waitress where I enjoy meeting new people
  • Worked in vineyards, fast food chains, clothing stores, hotels you name it I've probably done it
  • I've been told numerous times at how creative I can be and made all the decor for our wedding this past summer (thanks Pintrest)

My Passionate Side